Foundations of Creative Alchemy

The roadmap to manifesting your creative vision.

Chela Rhea Harper


Discover your authentic voice and find the courage to share it with the world.

As a composer and professional musician, I have experienced both the joy and hardship facing those who choose a creative path. 

At every level of success, artists encounter unforeseen adversity and struggle with blocks, self-doubt, and uncertainty. The key is learning to navigate these dark waters without losing ourselves in the process.

In 2016, after a series of significant personal losses—I reached a point of no return—my dark night of the soul. 

In confronting the depths of my own ruin, I began to see the totality of my experience and the gold that had been gifted to me. 

By recognizing the creative potential hidden within the perceived chaos of my circumstances, I was led toward a path of alchemical healing and spiritually immersive creativity.

Over the past few years, I have dedicated myself to helping other artists to transmute their struggles into strengths and unlock their creative potential through hypnosis, tarot, and alchemy.

"The very things we wish to avoid, 
neglect and flee from, turn out to be the 
'prima materia' from which all real growth comes."

– Andrew Harvey


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Foundations of
Creative Alchemy

That which is below is like that which is above, and what is above is like that which is below to accomplish the miracles of one thing.

- Hermes Trismegistus

The Alchemy of Art & Soul

Solve et Coagula | dissolve and recombine

To many, alchemy is considered to be the pseudoscientific precursor to modern chemistry—famous for the legendary pursuit of turning lead into gold. While the attainment of riches may have been the goal for some, it was not the ultimate aim of the adept alchemists.

At its core, alchemy was the art of inner and outer transformation. As the alchemists refined, transmuted, and purified the physical substances in their experiments (the below), they were also refining, transmuting, and purifying the archetypal elements of their own consciousness (the above).

Any time we consciously create, we’re performing these same alchemical operations. 

Through composing, refining, and completing our creative work, we are also simultaneously catalyzing a process of transformation and completion within ourselves.

“The generation of all natural things
is twofold: one which takes place by
Nature without Art, the other
which is brought about by Art.”

Paracelsus, alchemist (1493-1542)

The Language of the Subconscious Mind

The alchemists believed that true transformation was only possible by reconciling our internal divisions—through the union of opposites.

The Sacred Marriage of Sol & Luna

In western occultism, the subconscious mind is often represented by Luna (the moon), who governs the inflow and outflow of creation—between our inner and outer worlds.

The conscious mind—represented by Sol (the sun)—illuminates the process and directs creative energy through focused awareness, intention, and will.

When Sol and Luna are in sacred union, creativity flows naturally and we are able to turn intentions into actions with ease. When they are divided or dissonant, what we end up creating is often not what we intended.

To successfully turn intentions into reality, the conscious mind must gently communicate with the subconscious mind in the language that it understands. Symbolism.

By utilizing powerful trance states, symbolic language, guided imagery, and tarot, Alchemical Trancework creates a clear pathway for transformative communication between the conscious and subconscious mind.

Once trust and aligned communication are established between Sol and Luna, we can clear away the blocks that prevent us from fully expressing ourselves and completing our creative work.

You are a channel between the world of ideas and the world of form.

Adapted from The Book of Tokens by Paul Foster Case

Ready to commit to your Great Work?

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Work With Me

1:1 Alchemical Trancework sessions are designed to connect you to your creative source and support you in dissolving the blocks that are keeping you from manifesting your vision.

Together, we will seek to turn your intentions into actions and creative impulses into completed works of art. 

transform your creative process with trancework:

All things must pass through Luna. She is the mediator between what we desire and what we create.

1:1 Sessions Include:


(the subconscious mind)


(the conscious mind)

*Each session is customized to your needs, goals, and intentions. 

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